Glued to the Laptop

is how I feel like the last few weeks have been. The good news is that the church calendar design work is 99% finished, and the other photo editing waiting to be done is finished. I am very excited about not worrying about the calendar project in the month of December.

But I did go down to Jekyll one Sunday afternoon with Wendy and Tabitha.

busy 2


Note: This is neither Wendy nor Tabitha. har har

busy 1

 busy 4

busy 3

Oh, and I was in Atlanta one weekend but I don’t think I have any pictures from that.  And this past weekend was our church campout. And yes, I have many photos from that but I’m not going to post any tonight. We had a great time and I’m still chuckling over the talent night!!

I have also added a few more Christmas cards to the collection.

Here are a few:

Christmas Card 31

Christmas card 22


Christmas Card 21

Christmas Card 19

And in case you’re wondering about the sample names …. Well, aren’t you glad I don’t get to name your kids?!?!

CLICK HERE for more information.

8 thoughts on “Glued to the Laptop

  1. Yeah I was thinking that you just HAD to concoct those names. I’ve heard doozies before,but Plierz beats all. I must suggest that to Shannon (Brent} as she’s having a boy soon……

  2. I LOVE the crab picture!! Love the card too and Jekyll Island (?) is somewhere I’d like to go to sometime. Nothing like listening to the ocean to calm your soul.

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