Friday November 14, 2008

The good news is: you can’t unlock my car with a slim jim
The bad news is: you can’t unlock my car with a slim jim

The good news is: you can’t lock the open driver’s door with a key in the ignition
The bad news is: apparently you can on the passenger’s side

The good news is: I usually get out of the driver’s side
The bad news is: I had a passenger with me*

The good news is: I have a spare key
The bad news is: it was in the car too

The good news is: the lock makes a loud noise when locking
The bad news is: neither of us heard it

The good news is: I was close to home
The bad news is: my lights were still on

The good news is: I was at a friend’s house in front of their garage
The bad news is: there was a truck inside that had to leave by 7:00 the next AM

The good news is: it was still early in the evening
The bad news is: I waited late to call AAA

The good news is: AAA is open 24/7
The bad news is: AAA sent someone from 30+ miles away

The good news is: I got my money’s worth from my AAA membership
The bad news is: none. Just good news.

The good news is: I got to bed early that night
The bad news is: it was early in the morning

* not actually bad news


 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Yes, we do get a little color around here. You gotta look for it, but it’s there. The bonus of having so many pine trees is that it is not completely bare here in the winter.

foggy fall morning

bradford pears

nobody's perfect

Evening Shade


Edited to add a few more:

bend in the road

bend in the road bw


Let’s not be negative about these now. Ha. Dumb pun intended. Isn’t this negative image kinda cool?

reverse tree   


Not negative but different:

reverse tree light

12 thoughts on “Friday November 14, 2008

  1. The good news is: I’m sympathizing with you.

    The bad news is: I’m also laughing like crazy!!

    So sorry.  I did the very same thing at Kroger about a month ago.  Maddening.  I’d done it once before WITH THE CAR RUNNING.  Thank God that was back in the days of gas at 1.03 or something like that. 

    Mary Lou, your PICTURES.  Has anyone ever told you that you should work for National Geographic or something like that??????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. The good news is:  good news won out in the end. 

    Wish you could visit us in the fall … the foliage was magnificiant!  I entered one of my pics in Iliveinmycamera’s xanga photo contest, but it was mediocre, at best.  We enjoyed the scenery so much this year.  We found two old one lane bridges on back country lanes, but alas, I could not do them justice with my camera.  I bet you’d have a ball.

  3. @smilesbymiles – Michelle, you’re too kind. Really. I would like the $ that National Geographic pays out, though. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the high praise!

    @ForTheMastersUse – Covered bridges? Oh, I’m green with envy. I keep threatening to take a road trip and get some scenic stuff that way. I’m kinda limited here because it really is not that pretty here.

  4. @justcallmeM – ^^^^ see you just proved it yourself.  “because it really is not that pretty here” yet you make me think it is so beautiful I just have to visit.  If you ever need a reference, let me know.  I could sell you.

  5. What a story!  Maybe you should get a car with OnStar; just give them a call and they can unlock it for you…ask Robin about that sometime…and that negative picture–it reminds me of fireworks.

  6. beautiful photos!  evening shade is my favorite.  i’m fairly aching to walk along that fence.  you probably have no clue who i am.  i reached your site through a link in carolyn m.’s.  thanks for unknowingly putting a bright spot in my day! ~rosita

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