Feeling Loved – Thursday September 17, 2009

Laughter, conversation, food, more conversation, tears, still more conversation, more laughter, more food, more tears = knowing you are in a safe place.

Last Friday night 5 men and 19 children generously allowed their wife/mom to spend about 24 plus a few hours down on Jekyll Island. Another man and 4 children gave up their wife/mom for a few hours so she could join us for supper and the evening.

We had a 3-bedroom villa with decks looking out over the ocean. It’s good we did because we spent very little time out on the beach, oddly enough. But if you know us, you understand. Like Carolyn’s husband says, it’s a little hard to figure out who’s listening to who.

And yet in the midst of the laughter and 3 conversations going on at once, we seem to be hearing each other’s hearts, and that’s what keeps the friendships alive.


It was windy, windy on the east side.

group 5.jpg

Awesome food at Bonefish Grille (on St. Simons). Lois made a chocolate cookie cheesecake that we ate later that was fantabulous!!

group 2.jpg

You’re never too young to learn to drink sweet tea. (or was it coke)

group 3.jpg

group 4.jpg

If you’re on Jekyll Island, make sure to check out the bookstore near the millionaire’s village. Every room has a different theme. Even the bathrooms, one of which is functional, have lots of items for sale in them.

group 7.jpg

group 8.jpg

Carolyn’s family met us there so they could spend some time on the beach. That was special too since it was the first time several of our friends had met her youngest son.

group 6.jpg


Love you ladies!!!

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  1. I’m so glad y’all got to do that! I like your heading quote. I was gonna click the ‘like’ button…then I remembered this is Xanga. lol Cute pix of Moriah and Carolyn;s little guy, too.

  2. Yeah ‘tearing up’ is putting it appropriatly!! I miss the red-headed darling…..I miss my 2 beautiful sisters..and of course all of the rest of you,my friends!!!  : ) So glad it was fun!

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