Coming Soon!

to my home.

Internet access. The DSL kind. Lite though it may be it will be most welcome. We’ve been using a wireless card from Alltel and that service was pretty expensive, especially for no better tower coverage than we have at our house.

The wireless card finally quit working this summer and since AT&T has been telling us that it is coming our direction, we decided to cancel the service until we can get DSL. We could even see them burying the cables, but it seemed like it would. never. get. here.

Many sighs have been uttered in our home. My sister has uttered threatenings and slaughterings to her computer, but I try to convince her it’s not the computer’s fault.

Friday, I checked online to see if we had access at our number and what delight passed from my lips when I discovered that we do have it available!!! My boss’ wife was afraid her 2-year-old daughter had gotten into something and that I was freaking out over that. Nope, they were joyous sounds!

I’m still kind of holding my breath until it is actually up and working after this weekend when it is supposed to be activated. I should be able to update a little more often and get some things checkmarked off my list. One being possibly a move to WordPress (?). Anyone have any opinions as to why I should or shouldn’t?

I had the seniors from church over recently for supper and we got to talking internet access. They ALL have DSL at their homes but barely know how to use their computers. Here I sit, with no access at all. We had to chuckle over that one.

Well, adios amigas!

6 thoughts on “Coming Soon!

  1. I keep wanting to start blogging again, too, but don’t know enough about wordpress to give an intelligent answer. 🙂 You’ll have to let me know what you decide. 🙂

  2. We live two miles from town, but just far enough away that we don’t have DSL either. We use our cellphone for internet access. I’m thinking of changing to WordPress too. But I just haven’t jumped ship yet. It was highly recommended by one of our friends.

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