Church Campout 2009 – Wednesday November 11, 2009

This is the third year in a row for this particular campground and it has more memories attached to it. The bathroom/shower houses are still as spiderwebby, the one toilet still rocks, the cabins are no more insulated than before, the commercial ovens still take long to heat up, but each year we add to the bank of memories.

This year seemed a little more laid back than usual. Could be a variety of reasons. This past year was a big one for our church: the loss of a beloved minister’s wife, saying good-bye to husband and son who moved to Ohio, 2 ordinations for ministers within 2 months of each other, as well as other individual ups and downs. God is faithful through it all and our service Sunday morning service was another reminder of who He is.

I decided to go with all b&w for this slide show. I tend to stick mostly to color so this hopefully will give a different twist to the slideshow. When you eliminate color, you eliminate some distractions and hopefully focus better on the subject. For some reason I have more faces that activities captured here.

9 thoughts on “Church Campout 2009 – Wednesday November 11, 2009

  1. Loved it!  I knew you’d have a good slide show to put together.  So glad to see a few pictures from Sunday morning.  I’m so bummed I missed it, thanks to that “commercial stove & oven that take long to heat up”.

  2. you captured some absolutely AMAZING shots!! i love the black & white perspective, you are great with details and close-up expressions!! loved seeing pics of my sis and her family too…they are soo good!! =)

  3. My sister told me that you had put some pictures on here.  Ha, took someone from PA to tell me that my next-door neighbor posted. 🙂 But, like many good things in life, it takes time [to load]. So, I shall wait and let my computer bring them up through the night, and perhaps tomorrow morning I shall be able to view them. 🙂

    And thanks for the very fun evening tonight! Enjoyed it so very much!

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