Cacophony of Thoughts – Wednesday May 16, 2007

What makes the difference between people who ask “what can I do to help?” and people who ask “why don’t people help me”? Do we all at times go through the “helping” stage and then the “need help” stage? Is there something wrong if a person never moves out of either of those categories? Why is it that the help we need is often the help we don’t want?

Can a person be sold out to nothing?

Is it possible that the long-term effects of unrepented sin have a much longer-lasting reach than we realize? Does the deception of sin begin with the ignoring of the conscience or is sin itself deceptive?

Why is grace sometimes hard to accept?

The theme of this week has been “rejoice with them that rejoice, and weep with them that weep.” There has been a lot to process and I’m thankful again for God’s faithfulness. As you can tell, I seem to have more questions than answers!


One thought on “Cacophony of Thoughts – Wednesday May 16, 2007

  1. IMO (I always have lots of those =)) there is something very wrong if we never move out of the “needing” or “giving” stage. Believe it has something to do with feeling safe where we are and refusing to leave that spot.

    Yes, we can be sold out to nothing, although, I think Biblically it moves to evil then.

    And I think the effects of unrepented sin are not only longer lasting, but also impact more people than we have any clue about.

    End of my opinions. I liked your cacaphony.

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