BB Tourney 2009 – Wednesday March 11, 2009

This past weekend we had our 2nd Annual Basketball Tournament to benefit our school. It was thankfully not as warm as last year but it was pretty close. 85 degrees in March. Nothing like a little spring weather. The birds are singing their hearts out, the dogwoods and azaleas are blooming, the bumble bees are bumbling, or whatever it is they do. Back to basketball, which this is really supposed to be about…

Wendy and Carmel helped with me organizing the food stand, a great help!! Thankfully I had my paperwork from last year available and we didn’t change the menu much. We added smoothies, which were a hit, and strawberry lemonade.

Here is our smoothie recipe, in case you need one.

Strawberry Smoothie

1/2 c. vanilla yogurt
1/3 c. milk
2 T. sugar
6 medium strawberries
6 ice cubes

Blenderize on high until totally smoothie.  1 – 12oz luscious serving. Of course you can use other fruits of your choice here.

We keeping going round and round about prices of the food. I’d love to hear some input from y’all about these prices. Here is a poster this year:

BB Tourney Poster

Most of the people attending are either people who have already contributed to the school and the players pay to play. What do you think? I already know the sandwiches are priced wrong. They were supposed to be 2.50 for the burgers (these are quality burgers) and 3 for the chicken (pure white meat).

And here are some scenes from the day.

6 thoughts on “BB Tourney 2009 – Wednesday March 11, 2009

  1. Aww the pictures are good.  Makes me sad I wasn’t there.  Makes me even more sad to see pictures of the people that I love from Jesup.    It’s about the time to come down again for a little visit.

  2. Wish our boys coulda come and played that weekend like they did last year, but it didn’t suit this year. Those fruit smoothies sound wonderful!

  3. the prices are cheap – compared to the market – but again, guess you’re looking at who your patrons are.  love the slide show!!   do you ever use frozen strawberries in your smoothies?  i usually do that in lieu of ice. i add a little orange juice too but that may be too zippy for some people ?  i buy big bags of frozen berries at sam’s club where they have been cheaper than you can pick them around here.

  4. @meBrose – We actually had fresh strawberries that we froze to make them easier to keep and to handle. Fresh berries were on sale. Throughout the year we use frozen berries. Frozen peaches are also delicious in smoothies.

    @ksmiller – I wish too they could’ve come. I had to laugh when I saw the name Gene put down for their team (very spur of the moment, they needed them for the tourney schedule): Bubba Lou

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