A Few Pictures

One of my favorite {simple} summertime things to do is drive around the countryside with my camera in the evenings. The area is flat as a pancake and far from any vistas we experienced in Italy last fall, or Montana mountains, or Utah canyons, or …. well, south Georgia has it’s own beauty, but in smaller quantities. I realize  every place has its pros and cons for living there. In fact, I keep seeing this article for a remote-ish part of Italy that is paying people to come live there, because everyone is moving to more urban areas. Do a search and you find even more offers.

Anyway, back to south Georgia, as I arrived at kids’ club the other evening, I smelled the distinct, earthy scent of fresh dug peanuts! It’s kind of like the marsh smell close to the coast … if you live nearby and love visiting, you may draw in the dank (?) scent and love it, because you know you’re close to the islands. Maybe dank is the correct word. It’s not exactly aromatic but it is distinct and welcoming, if it means you’re near your favorite places. I’m guessing a lot of folks think it smells bad.

We had more than usual going on this summer, and it seems like outside projects around the house have been endless. I haven’t taken as many evenings off to drive around.

Here are a some from a couple of evenings when I have …

Lenticular clouds are a rarity around here. I think they’re a little more common around mountain peaks. These caught my eye on my way home from work so I grabbed my camera and went driving.

The thunderstorm moved closer.

… until there was no doubt it was time to head for home.

Another evening after a drizzily evening, the rainbow hung around for nearly an hour.

Click the photo below to see a larger shot of this multi-frame pano.

After the sun goes down, the colors (sometimes) are even more vivid.

Speaking of Utah canyons, I have never posted pictures from a few years ago. I’ll try to do that sometime soon. And our DC/Boston trip with the graduating seniors this spring. I have way more blog post ideas that I have time to develop them.

Today was a beautiful, sunny but comfortable day. It’s possible, that maybe, just maybe, fall is around the corner.