Bird Calligraphy – Wednesday September 1, 2010

 Bet you did not know this. I didn’t even know this until last week.

But birds know how to do calligraphy. Way better than me. I kid you not.

This was on the windshield of my car last week when I got in to leave from work.

bird 1.jpg

Seriously, I’d like to have that font.

They also are good at abstract art. I kid you not about this as well.

It was on the other side of the canvas windshield:

bird 2.jpg

I can’t really tell what story they’re trying to write.

bird 3.jpg

But then I’ve never been good a deciphering abstracts. Give me cold hard facts.

Speaking of birds, there are just enough plants scattered in my carport that I could hide behind and play paparazzi and take pictures of birds enjoying the bath.

 bird bath 2.jpg

bird bath.jpg

bird bath 3.jpg