Weekend in SC – Monday March 9, 2009

Since Crysta apparently was sitting on pins and needles waiting to see pictures from that good weekend in SC, even though she didn’t leave a comment and say so, I got the fullness of the message when she was here in person this weekend. One of these days I will have to post why she isn’t here in person every day and is living in the land of cold, windy Indiana but that will be reserved for later.

Three weeks ago Ginny (who also doesn’t live here any more and will be included in the same epistle) called just to chat or something. She asked if we wanted to come help with her garage sale the following Saturday and I said, sure, we were planning to come that weekend and hadn’t let her know yet. So, unbeknownst to us, she got on the phone with Crysta and pled with her to fly down for the weekend too. Well, the tickets did get manageable and she flew down to SC on Friday afternoon. No wonder Gin was so disturbed that we couldn’t get there earlier Friday night. In fact, she called us off and on all week to make sure we were coming. But my sister the nurse had a wild day at work Friday so we didn’t get to Wes & Ginny’s place ‘til nearly 1 AM.

We were being given a tour of the house the next morning and the last room we saw was the guest room where said surprise guest was waiting for us.

We had a great weekend doing a little shopping, a bit of eating and a lot of gabbing. Oh, and some trash talking with Wes. We also got to see the church where Jamie will be getting married (Christy and I will be doing the photography) and were given a tour of Fairplay Wilderness Camp by Carol.

Cajun Firecracker Sticks – a delicious appetizer at Fatz Cafe.

Gin shows us what a fried egg looks like after being in the oven for 6 hours.

Crysta and Lois

Wes and Slater

The family that cooks together, stays together. Often families that don’t cook together, also stay together, which is good. I don’t think Wes is actually cooking.

Mason playing with his many little cars and trucks

Ginny has her own cooking show. Here she is making Penne Rigate. Or else she was making corn. I think it was corn.

Here someone from the studio audience is attacking her. She does not have a very good security system.

 23SC 24SC
26SC Don’t ask!!!

Sunday afternoon game of Chutes and Ladders

The game goes bad.

Apparantly Wes does not like losing.

No, really, it’s all good. He’s just having a little fun tussling with his sons.

A little Sunday afternoon garage sitting.

Slater shows us the fine art of dribbling.

Sometimes if you make a face it helps.

Or stare at it in deep concentration.

In parting I shall leave you with a shot of the four of us.


Adios and tomorrow it’s the beach. It’s supposed to be a high of 85*. 

In Sepia – Thursday March 5, 2009

I was doing some other work on my computer tonight and I got the urge to do some editing again. So I dug into the archives to see what I could come up with. I played around with different effects.

Refresh 01



Refresh 02

or soft?

Refresh 03   

Yeah, I was into the sepia/chocolate thing.

Refresh 04

Refresh 05

Refresh 06

Refresh 07

Refresh 08


I have a square brown frame with a square brown mat. I’ve been having a hard time figuring out what picture would look good as a square. I’m thinking this last one could work. What do y’all think?