How Oil Was Discovered on My Land – Wednesday February 4, 2009

I came up on him as he was driving down the road. I can’t remember what first caught my attention but he came to stop and leaned out talk. He was very friendly which isn’t unheard of in this warm clime. He asked if I knew the company whose truck he was driving. I said the only B&H I knew of was a company in NYC that sells photography equipment.

It was not the same one. This B&H delivered packages, similar to UPS or FedEx. I noticed that the packages I saw were wrapped in newspaper. I thought this a bit odd for shipping but didn’t say anything. All of a sudden I saw a vehicle coming down the road toward his vehicle. He didn’t seem a bit worried despite the fact that he was stopped in the middle of the road.

He did move out of the way in time. Before long we were in my yard. For some reason he layed a fleece coat out on the ground, using it as a map, and showing me where oil fields were. I felt a little nervous at his extreme friendliness, especially since I was the only person home. So I walked away from him as he was talking and went into the bathroom to text my brother to see if he was anywhere close by and could stop in.

When I came out, I was astonished to see quite a number of people coming down the road to my house. There were about a dozen men of all ages, and each one held 1 long stem red rose. Murmurs from one neighbor milling around were that they were told there was oil on my land and apparently they wanted to be the first to make an offer to buy the land.

Another neighbor said, “What is going on??” I said, “I have no idea. But I have an idea of whose idea this was.” For even in a dream I am still the Queen of Profound Statements.

And then I woke up feeling a bit exhausted.


Moral of the story: Perhaps eating fried food for supper is not a good thing. I believe the seafood supper I had was giving me more than “innergestion” (as some locals folks have called it).