Winners – Wednesday October 1, 2008

That little “s” at the end of that word indicates that there is more than 1 winner. That would be correct since approximately 53% of you responded!!

Wow! I must say my “words of affirmation” tank is full and running over. Thank you for all your kind and generous words and for those of you who resorted to flattery…. tsk! tsk! tsk! (but they did make me giggle!)

I know this seemed like a “cheap” way of getting comments and maybe it was. But I really did want to know who all does actually read my posts. And when I say reading them, I don’t necessarily mean scouring them because if you’re like me, sometimes it’s a scan. Xanga shouldn’t be on the front burner of our lives.

In school I didn’t particularly enjoy literature where I had to try to figure out what people were saying in via poem or prose. Why didn’t they just come out and say it? Yeah, I’m a literalist. I did love to do creative writing where my imagination could take over.

Eventually something happened which crushed the creative writing out of me for quite some time. I even had a job where writing would’ve been an option but honestly, I could sit at the computer and my mind would be blank. It was quite a few years before I could believe again that anyone would find my writing interesting. And that’s where the kind comments from people over the past couple of years has been healing. That and other life lessons!

I’m well aware that my photography probably catches more eyes than my writing and that’s fine. Photography is actually a bigger passion of mine anyway.  So, anyway, thanks for your participation and enouragement!!!

To choose the winners I took the total number of entries and entered into a random number generator at I took the first 2 numbers that it generated and voila, I have the winners.

So without further ado ……

Bertha and Clarita , your number was picked!