Shop ‘Til You Drown – Saturday June 2, 2007

It did indeed rain today, which brings me to the question, what rained? We say “it” rained but what is “it”? Ah, too much thinking. It (whatever it is) rained cats, dogs, and shopping bags. I got blown all over Savannah but not one word of complaint did you hear from me. My hair-do by the end of the day was a hair-don’t, giving evidence that wind + rain = curly mess.

I imagine the plants in this area are going through a weather shock. They probably recoiled in uncertainty when the first drops of rain dared to wet them after so many months of dryness. One dog I saw looked like he had lost his best friend, so wet and forlorn was he.

Well, it’s time to hit the hay but gotta say

Thank you, Lord, for the rain!!!!!