Spring Giveaway – Saturday March 12, 2011

 I’d say it’s about time for another giveaway. Spring has been here for several weeks, although it did dip down to nearly freezing last night and we had a light frost. I wonder if my okra seedlings will make it. If not, I’ll plant some more. Okra is in the cotton family and likes warm weather. And the ants are loving the little plants for some reason.  They are not touching the kohlrabi, lettuce, broccoli or onions. Our asparagus has been pushing up new shoots at an alarming rate and this will be our first year harvesting them. Yum!

The weather has been gorgeous!! We’ve had a few rains and the grass is greening up very nicely. It is time to bring out the lawn mower.

But anyway, in January everything was brown and drab and so when The Pioneer Woman had her flower assignment, it inspired me to go get some flowers and shoot. So, I got some tulips from Walmart (half price) and some football mums and Gerberas from a florist.

The giveaway is this: 1 print chosen from the photos posted below to the randomly drawn winner. If you choose one that is square, it will be a 12×12 print. If you choose #7, it will be an 11×14. Adding or deleting a saying or verse will be an option as well.

To enter: Leave a comment here or on facebook and tell me what your favorite flower is. (Mine happens to be a pale pink peony but I am ever so sorrowful that we cannot grow peonies here. Just too far south. I’ve had several plants and they come up each spring but stop at a certain point and refuse to grow anymore or flower.) If you want to tell me which is your favorite from below, that’s fine. Otherwise, I will contact the winner for their choice. If you leave a comment here as anonymous, please leave your name and check back after the contest to see if you’ve won! If the winner doesn’t respond within 10 days another winner will be chosen. 

Oh, and a couple of weeks ago I updated my front page at my website Impressions by ML so drop in to read if you dare. It probably is way more than you wanted to know!


Pink Tulips 9  



Pink Tulips 10



Pink Tulips 8



Pink Tulips 3



Pink Tulips 4    



Pink Tulips 5  



Pink Tulips 6



Pink Tulips 7



Pink Tulips



Pink Tulips 2




Ah yes! I knew I was forgetting something. A deadline for entries. Which will be midnight Tuesday night, March 15, Twenty-Eleven.


28 thoughts on “Spring Giveaway – Saturday March 12, 2011

  1. Its hard to pick just one favorite.  In the early spring, my favorite would be the daffodil … refreshing yellow flowers with the green leaves surrounded by all the dead, brown remnants of winter.  Roses are my all around favorites, but there are so many beautiful flowers that lift the spirit, and gladden the heart. 

    And, thank you, I’d love picture # 7.  It’s gorgeous!

    Ruth Hochstetler

  2. They are BEAUTIFUL MaryLou! I am blessed to have a cousin with such skills.
    I LOVE Lilacs, and my new “baloon flower” plant I got last year. Oh, and mums, and Fuscia (sp?) and anything that is hearty that will GROW in my flower garden!

  3. I love gerber daisies & hydrangeas. My favorite of the pictures is #9. That is gorgeous. I’m glad God blessed you with the talent for photography so you can in turn bless us with pictures. =)

  4. what an awesome giveaway! i would love to be entered in the mix! my favorite flower would probably be either hydrandea or peony…but, really, so many flowers are just perfection that it’s hard to have favorites.
    your talent is very inspiring!!

  5. Its hard for me to pinpoint a favorite flower, because I love so many of them, but hydrangeas and gerbera daisies are probably at the top. These pictures are gorgeous! Great talent you got, my friend!

  6. #1
    I love sunflowers and daises, both for their simplicity and the impression I get that they’re smiling at me every time I see them.
    I love your chose of pastel colors for the posters and of course the gorgeous flowers. Keep up the lovely work~

  7. I’ve always had a hard time saying what my favorite of ANYthing is, because there are so many good foods, beautiful flowers, nice places to visit, etc. But this time of year I think of hyacinths, and they would have to be ONE of my favorite flowers, partly because of their heavenly scent. And they look really cool too, unlike any other flower (that I know of).

    Sorry you can’t grow peonies. We had them on the farm when I was growing up and they certainly weren’t my favorite, partly because the bushes always fell over due to the heavy flowers and didn’t look nice (and they were hard to mow under) AND they were always covered with ants.

  8. I think i’d have to go with gerbera daisies. They are so bright and cheery! You have some beautiful pictures….. and some of them would fit my room’s color scheme exactly. just saying….:)
    Missed seeing y’all today! Hopefully next time???

  9. Irises or calla lilies would definitely be top choices for me. Slender, gracious, subtle-I love them!! And all of these photos are amazing. If I would by any amazing chance be the winner, I would choose #4.

  10. I have peonies in my flower beds! love them but don’t love them because they are ant plants! 🙂  I absolutely love hydranga and gerbera daisy! 🙂 glad to have the chance to enter in this giveaway. #9 or #10 is my pick from this set.

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