Local Scenes Part 55 – Thursday September 17, 2009

Oh yeah, the camera is getting a little use again.

Anybody know what these red flowers are?

monday 3.jpg

monday 2.jpg

monday 7.jpg

More lantana:

monday 1.jpg

A very flighty friend:

monday 9.jpg

monday 10.jpg

Some muscadine grapes at Marts.

version A

Monday 5.jpg

Version B

monday 4.jpg

monday 8.jpg

Their friendly cat:

monday 6.jpg

Remember this guy?

day 21r.jpg

day 21l.jpg

No, I didn’t get any more bull pictures. ha ha

9 thoughts on “Local Scenes Part 55 – Thursday September 17, 2009

  1. They remind me of the spider lily … although it may be late in the year for them.  The spider lily if different in that the flower stem comes out of the ground and produces the beautiful flower, and then the leaves come up after the flower is spent.  There is no part of the plant visible until the flower stem shows.

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