British Isles Accents

I came across this video recently which I thought was interesting. Lois and I both mentioned that as we traveled across these areas that we could tell a difference in accents. Not that we could necessarily figure out where they were from, but that they were distinctly different. It would be interesting to see the US mapped like this!


Europe Trip 2012 Links

In case you haven’t read them all and want to start at the beginning, or you’ve been reading since the beginning, but it’s taken me so long to blog that you’ve forgotten most of it, here’s a list of the links to our trip. 🙂

May-June 2012

Part 1 – Scotland

Part 2 – England, Lake District

Part 3 – England; Yorkshire

Part 4 – London

Part 5 – England in a Day

Part 6 – Wales

Part 7 – Ireland A

Part 8 – Ireland B

Part 9 – Ireland C

Part 10 – Ireland D

Part 11 – Poland & Friends

Part 12 – Krakow [FINAL]